Inner Rhythm School

 Massage • Reflexology • Energy Work

 Recover Your Natural Health, Maximize Your Potential


           Holistic Healing Sessions

Foot Reflexology―private sessions that focus on activating pressure points on the feet, hands, and ears to release stress and tension in your entire body.

Therapeutic Massage―private sessions utilizing acupressure, swedish, and or lomi lomi massage to provide deep relaxation and release muscle pain and adhesions focusing on problem areas.

Healing Qi-Gong―customized individual stretching, balancing, breathing, and meditation designed to target specific symptoms and help you activate your natural internal healing power.

Life Coaching― coaching sessions help you feel physically and emotionally lighter and more free so you can receive clear guidance from inside.  Coaching empowers you to make life decisions in harmony with your goals and passion.


Student: $30/ 1-hour  

Licensed Therapist: $60/ 1-hour

Instructor: $75/ 1-hour 

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University Plaza Building 
931 University Ave #208
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